Cheap Skin Care Products - 4 Dangerous Chemicals to Avoid

Cheap skin products is what many people buy at discount stores. Trust me it is not a smart decision to buy cheap skin care products. Sure you saved a couple of pounds but you could be paying a much greater price down the line. Let me tell you why.

Why Are Some Skin Care Products So Cheap?
There is a reason that cheap skin care products are as low priced as they are. It's because the company that produced them used only the lowest quality ingredients they could find. The biggest concern they probably had was making it smell good. Fragrances can contain harmful ingredients. The bad news is that you didn't even get an effective product. But worse yet you may have gotten much more than you expected.

**Read the next few paragraph very carefully. Your good health will thank you.**
 Cheap skin products use only the tiniest amount of a couple of active ingredients. The rest of the creams are filled with chemically engineered fragrance, preservatives, and pH balancers. Many of these chemical ingredients can have a drastic affect on your health, and still other can actually kill you.

Here Are 4 Dangerous Chemicals Often Found in Cheap Skin Care Products:
1. Have you ever heard of a chemical called Dioxane? It's probably in your cheap skin care products right now. Dioxane is a coconut derivative widely used in cosmetics products, and it is "known by the state of California" to cause cancer.
2. Parabens describes a family of four chemical agents that are widely used as preservatives in cheap skin products. Studies have shown that parabens cause damage to the human endocrine system, causes allergic reactions, causes rashes, and is also a carcinogenic.
3. Phenol carbolic acid is found in many cheap skin care products. This acid is responsible for causing circulatory collapse, paralysis, convulsions, coma, and even death. This one especially, you do not want in your creams.
4. There is an anti bacterial agent used in cheap skin products called Triclosan. It is also a common ingredient in herbicides. Triclosan is known for creating strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics.

There are even more chemicals that have been banned for use in cosmetics in Europe, but are commonly used everywhere else in cheap skin care products. These agents cause a bevy of problems such as allergic reactions, eye problems, and you guessed it, cancer.

The scientists on the research and development teams of the major cosmetics manufacturers know exactly what these chemicals have the potential to do to the cheap skin products users. They continue to keep using them because they are low cost ingredients, and that means that the cosmetics companies enjoy a higher profit margin.

That level of disregard for your health should make you wish for a company that refuses to produce cheap skin care products full of toxic chemicals. It should make you wish that you could find a company that put your health an well being before higher profit margins. Wouldn't you love to find a company that used only harmless, wholesome, all natural ingredients in their.

By Margaret Bell