Organic Skin Care - Finding the Right Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Ageless











Organic Skin Care - Finding the Right Ingredients to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Ageless

The idea of organic skin care is perfect. Using natural ingredients on your skin only makes sense. Your skin receives exposure to man made chemicals and toxins every day. Why use man made chemicals to try to repair the damage? Using natural ingredients is the best way to help your skin recover and to provide protection from future problems. 

But, where can you get organic skin care products? Most of women do not want to start brewing up homemade concoctions in their basement to use for skin treatment. An occasional natural mask recipe is one thing, brewing lotions and creams for daily use is another.

So how can you do natural skin maintenance without creating your own home brewing den? You need to find a line of effective organic skin treatment products. The ingredients in these products need to come from nature, not the biochemical plant down the street. However, some "organic" ingredients you need to avoid whenever possible. 

One of these is petroleum-based ingredients. Petroleum is the same substance from which oil and gas derive. It also makes asphalt and kerosene. It is flammable in many forms and corrosive in some. No organic product would use a petroleum-based product despite it coming originally from the ground.

Another ingredient to avoid in any organic skin care products is mineral oil or its solid form paraffin wax. This natural ingredient is very common in many cosmetics. It has hundreds of uses in any form it takes from fuel to lubricant to sealant. But, it has a problem when applied to the human body. 

It prevents the skin from breathing. This causes a buildup of dirt and bacteria under the product. In some people, this comes out in the form of acne development. Natural skin treatments will use alternate ingredients such as beeswax or shea butter which is much lighter and easier on the skin.

Instead of these ingredients, you need to find ingredients that come from gentler plant-based sources such as grape seed oil or shea butter. There are tons of natural alternatives for the man made ones or those natural products which cause problems. With the right organic skin care products, you can take care of your skin and not expose it to any more toxins than necessary. The ingredients, both active and inactive, must come from the right sources to protect and be effective. That is the hallmark of good organic skin care.

By: Joe Ellis