10 Reasons New Mums and Babies Need Organic Skincare

10 Reasons New Mums and Babies Need Organic Skincare

By M James 

If you're a new mum, then you'll probably be well aware of the fact that nearly everything you do is now centred on your baby.
Here's why you should take time out and make sure that you and your baby get the skincare you both need at this time.

1. If you're currently pregnant, you're certain to be anxious about what products and ingredients you can and can't use on your skin. You won't want to put anything on your skin that might cause problems for your baby.

2. Being pregnant takes a lot out of the body, as the main priority is the development of the baby. This means that your skin may have suffered, and you might have lost your natural shine and sparkle. Why not see how natural skincare products can make a difference to your skin and complexion?

3. After the birth you'll be spending more of your time and attention on your baby then on yourself. You might have a lot to do in the mornings or evening, and not have the time to spend on yourself like you did previously

4. Using new mum specific skin products, and especially organic ones can help to prevent or lessen the effects of stretch marks.

5. Although you're now a responsible parent, it's still a good idea to try and make time for yourself and pamper yourself once in a while. Perhaps you could come to an agreement with your partner, or a friend or relative so that they can babysit and you can have a long relaxing bath and some time to yourself occasionally.

6. Good skincare is essential for everybody, and new babies and new mums are no exception. Your baby is precious and deserves to be looked after properly.

7. You're likely to be very protective about what your baby wears, and touches so that they don't harm themselves. You wouldn't use harmful or poor quality products on your skin, so why would you on your baby?

8. Organic products are natural and not full of potentially harmful chemicals that could cause damage later on in life. Because they are made with quality ingredients they will be free from irritants and allergens that can cause people to have adverse reactions to some skincare products.

9. You'll know full well that a relaxing bath is good way to relax after a hard day, so why not treat yourself and your baby to the best possible skincare made with organic natural ingredients?

10. You want the best for your baby in all areas of life, so why not start with their skincare? You'll feed them properly and make sure that they get everything else they need, so why would you neglect their skin?
Now you know more about why natural skin care is important, perhaps now is the time to think about organic