Natural Skincare Products -- Why Are They So Important?

Natural Skincare Products -- Why Are They So Important?
by Terry Johnston

Natural skincare products have become very popular of late. Why is that?

Nowadays, many skin care companies have entered the natural skincare market. And you would be hard-pressed to choose, the best, without further information. Remember to be truly outstanding the product must be more than just natural--heck crude oil is natural, but no one would want it in their skin care product!

I doubt it. There is only two things you need to be concerned about when choosing between a product that is all natural and a chemical based product.

Natural Ingredients of course. What are those natural ingredients? The definition of natural ingredients is naturally-derived ingredients from flora and fauna sources that are then mixed with naturally-occurring carrier preservatives (sugar, honey salt), agents, emulsifiers, humectants, and surfactants.

Natural flora sources include flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, stems and bark of plants and trees, from which essential oils and fragrances as well as vitamins and minerals can be extracted. Of course, natural skincare products are also made from ingredients harvested from of the labors of animals like bees, hence, the popularity of honey.

Oleochemicals are oils derived from biological sources(as opposed to petrochemicals). Fragrances and preservatives can be made from the oils of tea tree, lavender, lemon and sandalwood. Manuka honey is a powerful antioxidant and grapefruit seed extract is an antimicrobial agent.

Always read the label of skin care products that claim they are safe, all natural and effective. They must by law state what their product contains.

The second thing you do, is check to see if the product contains any of dangerous or harmful ingredients, that really shouldn't be there. Like

Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) Mineral oils Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl) Synthetic colors labeled as FD&C or D&C Synthetic fragrances Petroleum-based substances like propylene glycol

Of course, some manufacturers will claim natural ingredients in their skin care products, by adding some to their formulas, but they add only enough to be able to list the natural ingredient on the label. The concentration is too small to produce real results.

As you look for the best natural skincare products, not only do you need to know what natural ingredients you want in your skin care, but you must also make sure that the product you choose has the right quantity to do the job. Plus make sure there are no harmful chemicals in the product.

You could cobble together your own natural products at home, but it is a lot easier to purchase from a reputable manufacturer. Who can provide you with safe effective, secure optimal blends of botanical ingredients mixed in the right combination in convenient bottles, which will provide smoother, softer more radiant skin from your head to your toes.