A Few Reasons Why You Should Move Towards Natural Skincare Products

A Few Reasons Why You Should Move Towards Natural Skincare Products

As the world we live in becomes more polluted, our bodies and skin are working even harder to rid themselves of these unwanted pollutants. Many women are starting to notice that their skin and hair is reacting badly to the chemicals we encounter in our daily lives and these chemicals are taking their toll on our skin and hair.

So, we end up in a catch 22 situation, in trying to look after our skin to combat the damage done to our skin by the pollutants around us, because nearly all the commercial skincare products available on the market are directly or indirectly connected with these pollutants.

Pollution is generated in the manufacture of these products, as commercial skincare products contain mainly synthetic ingredients, ingredients produced from petrochemicals, animal waste and by-products. If you get the chance read up about the ingredients that are contained in the skincare range you are currently using, I think you will find it is rather scary.

Now we are using products to reduce or eliminate the damage the pollutants have caused and are using products which are mostly synthetic based. How can this be good for our skin? Nearly all the ingredients in commercial products available on the skincare market are imitations of natural products, such as essential oils and natural nourishing oils.

 So, why do we spend money on cheaply made imitation products that are sold for extremely high prices in comparison to their actual manufacturing cost of a few cents, when we could invest, for the same amount or less, in products made from genuine natural healthy ingredients? Those which have proven themselves and their capabilities over 100's of years?

Another reason commercially manufactured skincare products contain synthetic products is because they are cheap to obtain, most of the cost in your skincare product is advertising and packaging, the actual cream is the cheapest part of the whole package, often costing only a few cents for each jars contents.

As someone who has spent mega amounts of money on commercial products and tried everything from the middle of the range to the most expensive price wise, I still never managed to find that magic cream that the advertisers promised would do it all for my skin.

 I started doing a lot of reading about this and was amazed and disgusted when I found out exactly what those creams contained and also found out that most of the molecules of the ingredients were too large to penetrate the skin to do any goods. But, the difference with natural skincare products containing essential oils is that the molecules of those oils are small enough to penetrate the skin and work their magic.

I changed to natural skincare products and can honestly say I have never been happier, my skin is glowing, feels softer and the essential oils are taking care of the fine lines and discolouration, while the natural oils such as jojoba, rosehip, camellia, almond and more, nourish and thoroughly moisturise my skin. It takes three months to see the results because this is the length of time it takes for newly generated skins cells, which have been feed with these natural ingredients from their beginnings, to reach the surface.

Skin break outs have become a thing of the past now because when using commercial skincare products my skin over time displayed its dissatisfaction towards the synthetic based products I was applying.

Think carefully about what you are putting on your skin and what the actual ingredients are, think seriously about going to natural skin care products, your face will say a big thank you in years to come. Natural skincare products will not leave your skin oily or pores clogged either, the oils absorb right in because they are so similar to your skins own natural oils.

From there I have now also moved to 100% natural castile hair shampoo, but this is another article, which will reveal some very interesting facts.