All Natural Organic Skin Care is Effective!

An all natural organic skin care formula is exactly what you need if you are going to maintain the health of your skin. Even if you have been lax in caring for your skin over the years there is no amount of neglect that a natural herbal skin care product cannot overcome. The problem is in finding a product that is truly as all natural as the manufacturer says that it is.

Often, what is marketed as an all natural organic skin care product is not what it appears to be. The manufacturer may highlight a handful of ingredients that could honestly qualify as organic, but many of the other ingredients will be potentially damaging chemical agents. These agents are popular throughout most of the cosmetics industry due to the fact that the cost very little for the company to use.

A natural herbal skin care formula that contains chemical additives, preservatives, and aroma producers should not be used, no matter how effective the handful of natural ingredients prove to be. These agents can not only be damaging to your skin, but can cause serious ailments such as nervous system damage, an in some cases cancer. You need to learn which agents in cosmetics products to watch out for, and be careful to avoid them.

Even some of the ingredients in all natural organic skin care products that are purported to be natural compounds really aren't. Take for example the popular petroleum based moisturizing agents' mineral oil, paraffin wax, and petrolatum. These are watered down versions of a grease-like substance that is a byproduct of the crude oil process. If not for our need for oil these moisturizers would never have come into existence.

As I said before, some of the ingredients found in natural herbal skin care formulas are truly organic, and are therefore very effective in treating your skin. If the formula that they are in is not 100% all natural however, these ingredients will do you no good at all. The compounds in all natural products must all tie in together in a way that produces the maximum possible benefits.

The ingredients that you want to find in an all natural organic skincare product are vegetable and plant based oils, extracts, waxes, and emollients. These types of ingredients contain properties that are almost identical to those of your skins own oil, and they provide your skin with essential nutrients such as linolenic acid, and omega fatty acids. They also offer you something else that is needed.

The plant based ingredients in a natural herbal skin care formula provide you with much n
eeded antioxidants. There are some formulas that also include a mixture of protein peptides and enzymes known as Cynergy TK. This is the most potent antioxidant blend ever used in cosmetics, and just a single cell of Cynergy TK is capable of eliminating up to a million harmful free radicals.

Article Source Valerie Rosenbaum