chamomile oil benefits on hair and skin

Well, today, in the twenty first century, the herb is just as relevant as it was back hundreds of years ago. In fact, its uses have even increased to not just treating illnesses but also in the production of cosmetic products that help maintain the skin tone and the elasticity of skin.

Before I get into the skin care benefits of Chamomile, I have to clarify a few points. There are two plants that go by the name of Chamomile; namely the German Chamomile and the Roman Chamomile. Of the two, the German Chamomile is considered to be the stronger and more effective. This plant has a much stronger action because of its higher Chamazulene content.

So, what are some of the uses of Chamomile in skin care products? There are several of them. In order to list them all we would actually be required to write a book about Chamomile. However, this post will touch on a few common uses of this herb that concern skin care.

Chamomile is an ingredient that is included in general skin care products that are required in the treatment of inflammation and irritation among other forms of rashes and skin conditions. This is because the Chamomile herb ingredients promote granulation and cell regeneration.

Chamomile Oil for Skin: Soaps made from harmful chemicals damage our skin. Chamomile is a natural skin enhancer. Chamomile is widely used in sun screen lotions and make-up removers. Chamomile oil benefits in removing wrinkles and treating skin diseases.

By balancing the oil production of the skin, it helps reduce acne, also providing a natural glow to the skin. Chamomile oil repairs skin tissues and helps in cell regeneration which combats skin redness and skin allergies. It acts as a cooling agent on burns, boils, rashes, wounds, and ulcers. Chamomile oil tightens our skin by strengthening the tissues.

Chamomile Oil for Hair: Chamomile is one of the most important ingredients in shampoos and conditioners. Chamomile helps protect hair from the harsh external environment. Chamomile oil cures oily scalp which causes dandruff.

Though it takes time to produce the desired effect, chamomile is better than the chemical bleach used for lightening hair. Chamomile revitalizes the hair, while also strengthening its roots. Replace toxic, chemical products with chamomile oil; it will be beneficial in the longer run. Applying chamomile oil to hair, makes insomniacs sleep peacefully.

Chamomile Oil Benefits for Health: Chamomile oil has sedating properties. Its sweet aroma makes you peaceful, calm and rejuvenates your mood. Chamomile oil is used to treat excessive stress and nervousness. It has the properties of a pain killer, hence is used to cure headache and toothache. Ancient Egyptians used chamomile oil, to treat fever and common cold.

Chamomile is effective for stomach problems like diarrhea, gastrointestinal troubles, gallstones and constipation. Chamomile oil benefits digestion and helps in relieving gas from the alimentary tract. Chamomile oil restricts the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms, which is why it is used as an antiseptic. Chamomile oil can be used as a mouth wash to cure throat infections and dental problems. 

Chamomile Oil for Babies: Use chamomile oil, instead of harmful chemicals and toxin induced products, for babies. Sleeplessness, a major problem affecting babies can be cured by chamomile oil. Add drops of chamomile oil with rose or jasmine oil to water, while bathing babies. It helps calm their senses and helps the baby sleep well.

Chamomile oil restricts allergies and bacterial growth in babies. Regular massage of chamomile on the scalp reduces impatience and hyper anxiety in babies. Chamomile oil is effective against skin infections and rashes caused due to diapers, burns and boils. It also helps relieve teething problems in babies. It can also help moisturize the baby's sensitive skin. Moreover babies love the sweet, fruity smell of chamomile.

In this era of chemicals and toxins, it is surprising to see what wonders natural chamomile oil can do to your health. Alter your lifestyle and go natural; use chamomile oil and fill your senses with its charismatic aroma.

It will give you the much needed moments of serenity and peace in your fast-paced and stressful life.

 By Gaurav Shimpi