FACTS about your skin

Did you know your skin is your body's largest
organ accounting for about 15% of human body
weight? Wow! But that's not all. The average
square inch of skin contains 65 hairs, 650 sweat
glands, 20 blood vessels and 1000 nerve endings.

Essentially, your skin is a two way membrane
with 6 primary functions:

1) Protection - your first line of bodily defense
from the external environment.

2) Sensation - your nerve endings react to touch,
pressure, heat, cold, vibration and tissue injury.

3) Heat Regulation - your skin regulates body
temperature through sebaceous glands.

4) Storage and Synthesis - acts as a storage
centre for lipids and water as well as a means
of synthesis of vitamin D and B by action of Ultra
Violet light on certain parts of the skin.

5) Excretion - urea is eliminated when you sweat.

6) Absorption - Oxygen, nitrogen and carbon
dioxide enter your skin in small amounts.
Because of this, medicine by ointments and
patches are used by doctors. Cosmetic and
skin care products can also enter the skin
and penetrate the bloodstream this way.

This is the Dirty Little Secret!
Absorption of chemicals through the skin is the
dirty little secret that the government and chemical
corporations don't want you to know.

So just how how much are we exposed to toxins
through skin care products? Well, to find out the
shocking truth make sure you keep your eyes
peeled for tomorrow's issue.


As we talked about yesterday, absorption of
chemicals through the skin is the dirty little
secret that the government and chemical
corporations don't want anyone to know.

The reason why is because if the general
public knew this, the $29 billion skin care,
cosmetic and chemical empire would fall
apart over night. There is too much at stake
for heartless corporations (and government)
to ever allow this too happen.

However, all is not lost. You, by virtue of being
a member of our underground natural skin care
community can turn the tables on these
corrupt institutions by being an IOC and having
the last laugh!

So, as promised in yesterday's issue I will now
reveal the "Dirty Dozen Health Risks" of toxins
in mainstream corporate skin care products.

This report comes from the combined resources
of the Natural Skincare Authority and the
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

In a recent product use survey we found that the
average adult uses 9 personal care products daily,
with 126 unique ingredients that contact and
penetrate the skin membrane.

Staggering isn't it? But it gets much worse. It turns
out 99% of these ingredients have never been
tested for safety by any publicly accountable
institution, government or otherwise.

Here is a summary of the major findings:

14,108 products were assessed - 990 brands of
lotion, lip balm, deodorant, sunscreen, moisturizer,
toothpaste, shampoo, hair conditioner and many
other popular products.

Also assessed were the 6,899 ingredients that form
these products which shows that only one percent
(1%) of products are made from ingredients that
have all been assessed for safety.

Nearly every product on the market contains one
or more ingredients that have never been publicly
assessed for safety, and some products contain
carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other
chemicals that may pose health risks.

Below are the "Dirty Dozen Health Risks"
of mainstream skin care, hair care and cosmetic
products sold to the general public everyday.

(The number on the right is the percentage
of products that contain that particular health risk).

1) Ingredient(s) not assessed for safety - (99.7%)
2) Insufficient safety data - (94.3%)
3) Cancer hazard - (36.7%)
4) Cancer - evidence of carcinogenicity - (33.8%)
5) Reproductive/developmental toxicity - (45.9%)
6) Reproductive or developmental harm - (45.7%)
7) Immune system toxicants (allergies, sensitization) - (78.9%)
8) Penetration enhancers - (57.0%)
9) Estrogenic chemicals and other endocrine disruptors - (58.8%)
10) Sunburn/skin cancer risk - (9.3%)
11) Potential for harmful impurities - (75.3%)
12) Unsafe for use in cosmetics - (7.3%)

Enough to make your skin crawl isn't it.
Well maybe so, but fear not. In the next few days
I will reveal an "under-the-radar" method on how
you can take control back from the chemical cartel
by becoming an expert ingredient detective, almost