Why is Natural Toothpaste Better?

Why is Natural Toothpaste Better?

You may have recently heard about natural toothpaste, and been told that it's better than what you're currently using. But, until you understand why natural toothpaste is better, you may be skeptical.

Natural toothpaste is better because it's, well, natural. And, that's more important than you may even realize. Toothpaste that isn't all natural contains ingredients that can potentially be harmful. Most commercial toothpastes contain a detergent that is irritating to many people and that may increase the frequency of cold sores in those who are already prone to them.

Commercial toothpastes also often contain saccharin for sweetening, which is thought to cause cancer. And, it often contains fluoride, which though widely considered an important cavity fighter, can be toxic in small doses. Adults don't need fluoride, and children get enough from most water supplies. Avoiding it in your toothpaste helps ensure that you won't reach toxic exposure, which can cause gray mottling on your teeth, as well as other problems.

Naturally made toothpaste is also better because it contains more mint oil than commercial toothpaste. Mint oil is the best ingredient for killing the bacteria in your mouth. Killing these bacteria is extremely important, because the bacteria are what cause gingivitis and bad breath. 

The other host of ingredients in commercial toothpastes doesn't even help with the most important job: killing those bacteria that are lurking in your mouth.

Many people buy commercial toothpaste simply because it's what they've always done and because it's readily available. But, it's easier than ever to find toothpaste with natural ingredients and with all the benefits it provides, it's certainly worth any trouble you might have. Most people who make the switch to natural toothpaste report a fresher feeling mouth and better checkups from their dentist very quickly.
By:Allison Clarke