Shaving With Shea Butter

Shaving With Shea Butter
Shaving can be a real chore, in both men and women with sensitive skin. With every pass of the razor, they create painful bumps and razor burn that only gets worse when they applying a lotion or aftershave. 

Some people have problems with this no matter how expensive their razor is, or how gentle and protective their shaving cream is supposed to be. Even if you don't experience razor bumps or burn, you should know that there is another option: Shea Butter.

Shea Butter comes from the kernel of the fruit of the Karite Nut tree. Most people have heard of Shea Butter, because it's becoming extremely popular and more and more people refuse to buy products that don't include Shea Butter. Why? It has been referred to as a 'heal all' for centuries.

When you use this in the unrefined organic form, you are putting some amazing power into your beauty maintenance routine. Shea Butter is filled with natural anti-aging properties, vitamins, nutrients and components which actually protect your skin from the sun and the environment.

There are numerous uses for Shea Butter, and shaving is just one of them. When you smooth on this creamy and rich product, you are doing a couple of great things. First of all, you're giving your dry and tired skin a generous conditioning full of natural vitamins that your skin will absorb. This prepares the skin for shaving, and provides a healthy protection for your skin during the shave.

According to the American Shea Butter Institute, when you shave with it, you reduce the shearing force between your skin and the razor. This makes for a closer shave that is less traumatic to your skin. You might be surprised how smoothly the shave goes when you use unrefined Shea Butter. Both men and women call a product which reduces bumps and razor burn 'invaluable.'

That's because it's so painful to have the bumps and burn that shaving can cause. Not to mention the fact that women find it more difficult to wear shorts and skirts with the little red bumps up and down their legs and men are often embarrassed by the unsightly and unattractive razor bumps. Shea Butter is an amazing product to use for all sorts of things, and shaving is just another great one.

By: Dr. Robyn Tisdale Scott