Argan Oil for Healthy Skin, Hair, and Nails

In recent years, argan oil has become a popular ingredient in hair and skin care products. This oil is obtained from the seeds of the argan tree that is found only in certain areas of Morocco.

For centuries, this versatile oil has been produced through a laborious process that is still used frequently by the region’s local people. This process includes removing the kernels of the tree’s fruit, toasting the seeds and grinding them into a paste. The resulting paste is then pressed to release its oil content. Modern methods make the oil extraction process much more efficient so that the supply of oil can satisfy rising demands for the product.

This oil’s content of linoleic acid is what makes it unique and useful. Linoleic acid is an antioxidant fatty acid that is necessary for good health. Without adequate amounts of this substance, dry hair can occur and wound healing may be delayed. Even though olive oil, sunflower oil and other vegetable oils contain varying amounts of this acid, argan oil contains more than any other plant oil.

When applied to skin, this oil offers some impressive benefits. It naturally reduces wrinkles, increases elasticity and softens the skin. It is one of the most effective natural skin moisturizers because it reduces oily skin while providing hydration at the same time.

It is also beneficial for treating skin conditions such as acne, stretch marks, dry patches and chicken pox scars. Sufferers of eczema and psoriasis can also gain some relief by applying a couple drops of this soothing agent to affected areas.

As with skin, argan oil can be applied to the hair and nails to achieve immediate results. This natural moisturizer solves problems with dryness, frizz and dullness. It thoroughly penetrates the hair shaft to lock in moisture and encourage healthy hair follicles.

This oil is lightweight and does not cause build-up on the hair. In addition, it helps to strengthen nails and alleviate brittleness. Applying oil to the nails on a regular basis will do wonders for weakened and damaged nails without the negative effects of harsh chemicals.

Products that incorporate argan oil are great for skin, nails and hair, but pure, or undiluted, oil is the most effective. This is due to the fact that certain products contain only tiny amounts of this natural emollient. It takes only a few drops of pure oil to achieve optimal results