Why Real Organic Skin Care is a Natural Winner

Why Real Organic Skin Care is a Natural Winner


Many cosmetic companies are started to jump on the band wagon of natural and organic skin care. According to a recent article by the Associated Press, "Despite a softer U.S. economy, the Natural Products Association estimates the industry is growing five times faster than the conventional personal care product sector." Unfortunately, organic is just a nice attractive word to add to their labels unless the company manufactures products without harmful toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrance.

Evaluate your organic skin care products carefully before applying anything to your skin. All those ingredients will be traveling straight to your blood and brain as they are absorbed through the skin.

Beware of advertising language and look farther into the actual ingredient list of products you use. Perhaps a few ingredients may be natural or organic but then they are ruined by processes designed to make them last longer, smell better or look prettier.

Many companies call their products organic skin care but still use preservatives such as paraben, alcohol and toluene routinely and without apology. This is wrong and not healthy for you or your skin.

Real, authentic organic skin care will be made from natural ingredients as close to their natural state as possible. No preservatives, or pesticides or herbicides will have been used to grow or process these ingredients. Indeed, the products will be actually good enough to eat, No damaging toxins will have been used to produce, package or decorate these organic skin care products.

Choose a manufacturer that excludes any questionable ingredients when it comes to safety. The big offenders are easily identified by their complicated chemical names and often numbers associated with the multi-syllabic nomenclature. Stick to simpler words and you will be in better company.

One example here is glycerine. It is a very common humectant in cosmetics. There are however plant-based glycerine and petroleum based glycerine. The plant- based form is good for you and your skin. You will only find it on the label of authentic organic skin care products.

A reputable organic skin care company will insist on rigorous laboratory testing and research. More money used for product development than that consumed by advertising is another good clue to a superior product and result for you, too. Scientifically formulated products, with high quantities of high quality ingredients of plant origin are the best.

That way each ingredient works in synergy with the others to care for your skin. Enhance your natural beauty with natural, plant-based creams and lotions. A win for you and the environment.

By Yves Lortie